EBCx Services holds certification with AEE as a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional (CIAQP). CIAQP  certification is recognition for indoor air quality professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence in their field, and an in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of indoor air quality assessment, design, management, and problem mitigation.

EBCx Services follow ASHRAE’s Indoor Air Quality Guide (Best Practices for Design, Construction and Commissioning) to perform IAQ investigations.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigation and Management Plan:

IAQ is one of many factors that determine building functionality and economics.  IAQ affects building occupants and their ability to conduct their activities; creates positive or negative impressions to customers, clients and other visitors to a building; and can impact the ability to rent building space.  When IAQ is bad, building owners and managers can find themselves devoting considerable resources to resolving occupant complaints or dealing with extended periods of building clousure, major repair costs, and expensive legal actions.  When IAQ is good, buildings are more desireable places to work, to learn, to conduct business, and to rent.

EBCx Services takes a holistic technical approach to performing IAQ Investigations and developing IAQ Management Plans.  We understand that IAQ problems are multifaceted, and often impact various systems within a building.  Potential causes of IAQ problems can include issues related to the building envelope, the HVAC system (design, installation or deferred maintenance), ventilation rates, building pressurization and off-gassing of building materials within the occupied space. 


Benefits of an IAQ Management Plan:

  • Provides guidance to the facility staff regarding preventative maintenance actions that can help reduce the chance of a major IAQ event
  • Provides building management with a living document to record any IAQ complaints and resolutions (if any) that may have been performed
  • If a legal issue arrises, the plan provides documentation which shows that the building owner and manger were proactive towards maintaining a safe indoor environment for building occupants


Improper maintenance procedures of HVAC equipment is a common cause of IAQ problems.

A serious IAQ problem due to poor operation of the HVAC system is masked by someone adding a cup of baking soda inside the air handler.  This type of action is dangerous for the occupants of the space, and places the owner of the building at risk from a legal perspective.