Existing Building Commissioning Services (EBCx) is a commissioning, consulting and training firm, offering a total approach and practical solutions to real world problems that plague building owners, facility directors, managers and contractors.  Problems associated with heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, building automation systems (BAS) and the building envelope.

EBCx Services has a wide range of experience working with multiple types of organizations and facilities, including:

  • Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), HVAC Manufacturers, Engineering Firms and Contractors
  • Federal/State/Local Government, FDA & USDA Facilities, Airports, Prisons,  Military Bases and Ammunition Plants
  • Healthcare, Higher Education and K-12 schools
  • Office Buildings and Hotels
  • Industrial Manufacturing Plants

EBCx Services understands that customers often require varying degrees of professional service, so we work to develop a program that is most appropriate for the specific need and expected outcome.  Programs are developed to achieve the desired business outcomes, objectives and goals for each organization. 

Building Owners and Managers that have limited in-house resources may require a complete turnkey professional service level of support, while others may have a wider and deeper range of internal resources may only require limited support.  Programs and solutions are seldom a one-size fits all technical approach.

A growing number of organizations internally maintain (Self-Maintainers), repair and manage the technical solutions at their facilities.  Larger faclities, especially healthcare, higher education, hospitality, entertainment and portfolio managers of commercial office buildings, are developing internal teams and allocating resources to perform specialized services such as EBCx and energy audits.

 EBCx Services supports Self-Maintainers in the following three key business areas:

  • Develop an EBCx and energy services program that focuses on your organizations business goals and objectives.  Programs are developed around the strengths of your current team, while identifying needs that external strategic partners may assist with.
  • Following the program, provide the necessary training to maintain a high-performing team to effectively execute EBCx and other specialized mechanical services.
  • Identify the key metrics of success, and develop a performance verification program that maintains the persistence of building performance over time.

EBCx Services combines technical training and decades of real world project experience to deliver a quality building environment to Building Owners and Managers.  A quality building environment that is comfortable, safe, healthy, efficient and supports the business needs of the organization and the building occupants. 

Today’s buildings and systems are complex, with high expectations of providing maximum comfort, while minimizing energy cost and consumption. For building systems to operate properly, issues must be identified and resolved by looking at problems through multiple lenses.  In order to identify the root cause of issues, and determine the most appropriate solution, it is necessary to view problems through the lenses of an engineer, control technician, service technician, testing/adjusting/balancing professional, building envelope specialist and an energy manager.

EBCx Services views problems through multiple lenses, and has a thorough understanding of the engineering principles required to design a project, coupled with intimate knowledge of the construction process and methods used in building systems.  EBCx Services also has decades of experience as a mechanical and service contractor, and understands how to properly install, operate and maintain components, equipment, sub-systems and systems.  This unique combination allows EBCx Services to provide building owners, facility directors and managers with buildings that operate safely, comfortably and energy efficiently.

The problem that most building owners and facility managers face today are buildings that simply do not work correctly.  They are troubled with  ongoing issues such as wide spread comfort complaints, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), repetitive component failure, long lists of deferred maintenance/repairs, and high energy costs.

EBCx Services has over 40 years of experience providing practical solutions that address the following types of building related problems:

  • Building construction and startup issues of equipment and systems

  • Wide spread comfort complaints

  • New buildings that do not achieve projected energy targets

  • Existing buildings operating with high energy costs

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems

  • High number of service/trouble calls

  • Frequent repairs/replacement of parts

  • Premature failure/replacement of equipment

  • Building pressurization issues

  • Training needs of maintenance staff

HVAC, Mechanical, Control and TAB Contractors

EBCx Services assists contractors in growing their business by expanding technical services that leverage transferable skills that contractors already possess.  In addition to formal classroom training,  EBCx Services is available on a consulting basis to work directly with contractors that are interested in either the development of a specific project sales opportunity, or the direct execution of an EBCx or energy audit project.

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) is a technical process that ensures current building systems, equipment and operations function optimally and efficiently to meet the current needs of a facility. During the EBCx process, opportunities are identified that improve the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) for the building occupants, while reducing energy and water waste for the building manager and owner.  Simply stated, EBCx makes buildings work more efficiently, effectively and safely, by going well beyond the scope of work of an energy audit.  When a building has undergone significant change in space usage, or has wide spread comfort, reliability, repair or energy issues, then EBCx is the  best service to offer your customers.