Re Commissioning: An application of the commissioning process to a project that has previously been commissioned.  Once a facility has been commissioned (either as a new building or EBCx), than the next commissioning event would correctly be called Re Commissioning.

Ongoing Commissioning (OCx): a continuation of the Cx Process after the Hand-Off Phase to verify that a facility continues to meet current and evolving CFR (OPR for new construction). OCx Process Activities occur throughout the life of the facility; some of these will be close to continuous in implementation and others will be either scheduled or unscheduled (as needed).

Benefits of OCx:

  • Continuously improve equipment operation and occupant comfort
  • Uncovering additional energy savings by continually fine-tuning the building
  • Move towards predictive maintenance processes instead of reactive or scheduled based maintenance
  • Protects the investment made in commissioning

 EBCx Services offers various cost effective approaches to OCx, ranging from monthly or quarterly review of utility data, to remote analysis of the Building Automation System (BAS).

A key step in the EBCx process is obtaining critical operating measurements to establish a baseline of equipment and system performance.

Technical Commissioning: is a quality focused approach for new construction and major remodeling projects, assures that a project is properly constructed and operates according to the Owners Project Requirements (OPR).  The approach focuses upon verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems, components and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, and can be operated and maintained to meet the OPR.

 Benefits of Technical Commissioning:

  • Enhances the construction process by supporting the design team in confirming the commission-ability and maintain-ability of the design
  • Assures all technical building systems are properly furnished and constructed according to the construction documents
  • Assures that all technical building systems are properly tested and functioning correctly, according to the construction documents
  • Provide specific training to the facility staff to aid in sustaining performance of the newly commissioned technical systems

 EBCx Services is certified by NEBB in Whole Building Systems Technical Commissioning.

The Building Automation System (BAS) is critical during every type of Commissioning.  The BAS is a flashlight into the systems of a building.  Leveraging the BAS allows for inspections to be made in a cost effective manner.

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) also known throughout the industry as Retro Commissioning (RCx), is  a quality-focused approach for attaining the Current Facility Requirements (CFR) of an existing building and/or its systems and assemblies.

Simply stated, EBCx is a process that makes existing buildings perform at their maximum level towards achieving the CFR, using existing equipment and systems.  EBCx is analogous to tuning up a car, with the goal of achieving improved performance and gas mileage.  The EBCx process includes performing minor repairs that are necessary to improve equipment operation, then optimizing systems to achieve maximum performance towards achieving the CFR.  A key componenet of EBCx is achieving the CFR at the lowest possible energy cost.

 The EBCx process focuses on planning, investigating, implementing, verifying, and documenting that the facility and/or its systems and assemblies are operated and maintained to meet the CFR, with a program in place to maintain the enhancements for the remaining life of the facility.  EBCx Services performs a technical process of improving building systems by inspecting, testing, analyzing, calibrating, repairing, adjusting and optimizing building systems, and training operators for the purpose of improving building performance. 

 EBCx Services provides an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit as part of our EBCx process.  Due to the information that is obtained during the EBCx process, it is extremely economical to provide an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit as part of the EBCx process.

EBCx Services is certified by NEBB in Technical Retro-Commissioning of Existing Buildings.

Benefits of EBCx:

  • Improve comfort
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Improve Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • Creates an environment for building occupants and tenants to be satisfied
  • Reduce energy consumption and associated cost
  • Reduce water consumption and associated cost
  • Increases Net Operating Income (NOI) and value of the facility